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If you have a CI/CD setup, it is really important to keep a central display and follow the builds and process going on the CI tool. This project aims to be the dashboard that will allow you to do present better results at a central display with buildbot.

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The project has some precompiled binaries, if your enviroment match one of the releases above, this is the most simple way to use this project.

OS Arch Size SHA1 Binary
OSX 64-bit 6,5MB 2df4875acc7127bca5f3a74ad556b641d668eeb5
Linux 64-bit 6,5MB b8990466151cddc6097e5af84f15f420b366aa6e

How to use with runit.


buildbot is the only required flag, you must provide the base url of the running builbot.

$ ./buildbot_dashboard -h
-buildbot string
    buildbot url eg.
-filter string
    regex applied over the builder name
-invalidate int
    cache invalidate in seconds (default and min 5 minutes) (default 10)
-refresh int
    refresh rate in seconds (default and min 10 seconds) (default 10)

Manual Build

As this project is built in go you can build it in multiple platforms with:

$ go get -u
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ ./

This will fetch the code and generate the assets as binary, then you can go install or go build, and then run:

$ buildbot-dashboard --buildbot=""

If you have $GOPATH/bin at your $PATH then you can run from everywhere the command.

You can also run with the go run with:

$ go run *.go -builbot=""



Apache Board

As we use gridster and a structured style, if your buildbot has a lot of builders, you can take advantage of the browser zoom to reduce the size of the blocks and so, use more space to move your grid.

Apache Board Small


As this project is build over martini please consider setting this env variables when deploy:

export PORT=3000
export MARTINI_ENV=production

Clean Cache

By default the project will cache the builders to avoid the delay of reloading it everytime. If you insert a new builder or remove one, you can force the reload of the cache in the UI, there is a button on left side. This button will force the builders to be reloaded and the localStorage will also be cleaned.

Thanks to nbari and paw for helping and supporting open source.